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Albury Wodonga Health - Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Solicitors - Victoria

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

Our Victorian medical negligence lawyers specialise in handling hospital compensation claims. Whilst most Australian hospitals provide services of a high standard, sometimes things do go wrong. Negligent medical errors often occur in emergency departments, surgical units, radiology, pathology, and in maternity units. Improper medical care can result in devastating lifelong injuries, disabilities, emotional trauma, and even death.

If you would like free information on Albury Wodonga Health hospital compensation claims, you should discuss your options with an experienced team of medical lawyers. Our solicitors have acted for patients injured in hospitals throughout Victoria. They can provide advice on your rights regarding poor treatment received at Albury Wodonga Health. Call our free helpline for legal assistance.

Medical Negligence Compensation

To establish whether negligence has occurred, a solicitor will firstly examine what was done (or not done) by your treatment provider/s. The standard of care for professionals such as doctors is the standard of "peer professional opinion", s.59(1) of the Wrongs Act 1958 (Vic). "Peer professional opinion" is the manner of practice at the time "widely accepted in Australia by a significant number of respected practitioners in the field as competent professional practice in the circumstances". A court can still override "peer professional opinion" if it determines that that opinion is unreasonable: s.59(2).

If the standard of care has been unacceptable, you may be entitled to compensation. Other factors will need to be established, including "causation" of damage before a determination can be made as to how much compensation you may be awarded.

No two cases are similar. Compensation amounts vary and are calculated taking into account things such as your loss of income or ability to earn a living, future medical treatment you may need, any requirement for personal care, domestic assistance, equipment aides etc.

If you would like to discuss your particular circumstances, call our free helpline or send an email. Our medical negligence team can provide obligation-free legal advice over the phone.

Hospital Deaths

Sometimes hospital negligence can cause or contribute to a patient's untimely death. If you have lost a family member or partner as a result of poor hospital treatment, it is important that you speak with a solicitor. Compensation is often available to relatives of the deceased. Quite often there will also be a coroners inquest into the matter. It is highly recommended that you seek legal advice and/or representation at the hearing. Call our legal team to discuss how they can help you.

No Win No Fee

Our Albury Wodonga Health hospital negligence solicitors represent victims of medical negligence on a No Win No Fee basis. If you would like to find out further information on how a No Win No Fee agreement operates, please call our helpline. Generally speaking, you will not be charged your solicitor's professional fees if it turns out that after a thorough investigation, your case may not be legally viable.

Limitation Period

When making a claim for personal injury compensation or for compensation to relatives (of the deceased), it is important that you act as quickly as possible. This is because there is State legislation in place which sets-out strict time limits. If you delay in making a claim, you may lose your right to compensation. To find out whether you are still able to make a claim, you should contact a medical negligence lawyer in Victoria.

Call our obligation-free helpline or send an email for confidential advice from our Victorian medical negligence team.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077