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Joondalup Health Campus Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Solicitors

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

According to the World Health Organisation the highest incidence of medical negligence in the developed world occurs in Australia. More than 18,000 people die every year as a result of preventable errors in Australian hospitals and clinics which represents a figure of about 50 fatalities every single day. In addition over 50,000 people suffer from permanent injury every year due to hospital malpractice and a further 80,000 individuals are hospitalised annually as a result of clinical errors. Only a small minority of the victims of medical negligence make a claim for compensation for personal injury. If you have been injured as a result of a clinical accident by a healthcare professional including a doctor, dentist, nurse or technician at Joondalup Health Campus and would like to speak to a medical negligence solicitor without further obligation, just use the helpline or send the contact form or email our offices. A medical negligence lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury claims will speak to you, giving free advice and information on how best to preserve your legal right to receive compensation as a result of injuries caused by medical negligence at Joondalup Health Campus.

Clinical Errors

We have a quality team of medical negligence solicitors who are practiced in compensation claims against hospital facilities throughout Western Australia. Many hospitals have excellent standards. Even so, problems can arise. A staff member can make a medication error; a physician might make a misdiagnosis; delays in the emergency department can result in bad outcomes; mis-states in obstetrics can result in brain injury to the newborn and a child with a lifelong cognitive disorder.

If you find yourself in a medically unacceptable situation, our solicitors can provide aid and advice regarding your legal options relating to your care at Joondalup Health Campus. Just use our helpline to get free advice about what you should do.

Medical Negligence

You need to know that a health professional cannot be held negligent if the individual acted in ways that were considered at the time to be widely accepted in Australia by most of the respected medical providers in the same field, regardless of the outcome and if the provider was considered to be competent. If it can be found that the majority of medical experts find the provider’s actions to be incompetent, It is possible for you to sue for medical negligence.


The amount of monetary competence you receive depends on the nature and extent of your medical injuries and long term disabilities. If further treatment is required, if you need home health care or if you need domestic assistance, our Joondalup medical negligence solicitors will factor that into the calculation of your award. You may also receive compensation for loss of income or for being unable to work because of the medical negligence. You will also be awarded money for the pain and suffering that you have experienced.

Hospital Deaths

If at any time you lose a family member or loved one because of questionable treatment, seek a Joondalup medical negligence solicitor's opinion as soon as you can. There may be compensation available to certain relatives of the deceased person. The solicitors at this firm will be able to provide representation at the coroner's inquests.

No Win No Fee

After we receive your information, we will assess the situation regarding your case and will tell you if, indeed, you have a winnable case against Joondalup Health Campus or any medical providers, nursing staff or other staff who treated you. You will receive legal representation on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if your case is ultimately deemed legally nonviable, you will not receive any charges.

Limitation Period

There are strict statutes of limitation in which you have time to seek legal recompense for your injuries. If you delay too long, you may not be able to file a claim against the hospital, doctor or other staff. Do not hesitate to seek our legal representation and make a claim. Please call our toll free hotline or send us an email. The information you receive from us is obligation-free and you can choose to have us represent you or not.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077