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Monash Medical Centre Negligence Compensation Claim Solicitors

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

If you have suffered personal injury due to medical negligence as a patient at the Monash Medical Centre, its definitely not something that you should let go. Medical negligence can lead to devastating consequences including loss of life, physical injury and psychological disturbances all of which may attract a substantial award of damages. Australia has a very poor record for medical negligence with tens of thousands of people injured every year who do not know their right. Many injured patients end up doing nothing thereby letting the hospital get away with their errors which are likely to be repeated again and again. If you have been a victim of medical negligence as a patient at Monash Medical Centre and have suffered personal injury, you should take legal advice from a solicitor with a view to claiming compensation.

Clinical Negligence Lawyers

Most people who are treated by healthcare professionals at Monash Medical Centre are satisfied with the service that they receive but sometimes things go wrong. If you have been the victim of inadequate care at Monash Medical Centre we can help. Our Specialist medical negligence solicitors offer the no win no fee scheme and you can deal with a same sex lawyer if you wish. We offer free legal advice on Monash Medical Centre negligence compensation claims with no further obligation. To speak to a specialist solicitor just call the helpline or email our offices or send the contact form. We will give you clear advice on liability for medical negligence as well as attempting to value your claim there and then. If after you have spoken to our lawyers, you do not wish to avail of our services, you will not be charged for the time or advice.

Negligence Law

Whether or not the healthcare professional at Monash Medical Centre has been negligent is a matter for a court of law. In general, medical negligence is determined by comparing the allegedly negligent healthcare providers with similar reasonably competent healthcare providers – there is no absolute standard of care that must be achieved. One hospital is compared to another and those with a lesser standard may be considered to be negligent in certain circumstances. The mere fact that one treatment has failed whereas another treatment may have succeeded does not of necessity mean that the failed treatment was negligent. Provided that the failed treatment is logical and is supported by a substantial body of healthcare professionals there will be no finding of medical negligence simply because the chosen treatment was not effective.

Time Limits

Personal injury compensation claims against Monash Medical Centre alleging clinical negligence have time limits known as the limitation period. Generally speaking if a Monash Medical Centre negligence compensation claim has not been settled or if proceedings have not been issued by a court of law within the limitation period then the opportunity of being awarded damages has usually been lost. There are exceptions for minors and for those who are mentally disabled. Limitation issues are generally complex legal matters that require qualified legal advice.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077