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Royal Childrens Hospital Medical Negligence Compensation Solicitor

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

Being a patient in hospital is bad enough however when accompanied by inadequate care it can become a nightmare especially for a child who may not be able to comprehend whats happening. Whilst most of the time the care and attention offered by the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne is more than adequate there are unfortunately times when things do go wrong. Medical negligence occurs in hospitals all over the world and the victims of negligent care often suffer grave injuries that could and should have been avoided. If you or a family member has been the victim of medical negligence at the Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital then it is time for you to take action by consulting a solicitor in order to preserve the legal right to receive compensation.

Legal Rights

Medical negligence is often a serious issue involving painful injuries and long term care. A child may suffer serious brain damage before during or shortly after birth and many other conditions may go undiagnosed for a long period due to a childs inability to explain their pain or discomfort. Do not let negligent health care professionals get away with their mistakes and have them injure another patient in the future. Make sure that you do something about your rights and claim compensation for any personal injury that you or your child may have suffered.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

If you have suffered personal injury due to erroneous treatment or wrongful care at Melbourne Royal Childrens Hospital our expert medical negligent solicitors are able to assist. We can help you to deal with a medical negligence compensation claim against the Royal Childrens Hospital. We operate the no win no fee system and if you do not win the case then our services are entirely free of charge. We also offer free counseling concerning your feasibility for a medical negligence compensation claim against the Royal Childrens Hospital. You can simply call our helpline or email our offices or send the contact form. Our qualified solicitors will talk to you and give you the advice that you seek. We can guide you through the legal issues including claim values and the liability of the Royal Childrens Hospital right there and then. You can even choose to talk to a same sex lawyer if you wish. If after speaking to one of our medical negligence solicitors you decide that you do not wish to take legal action against the Royal Childrens Hospital you will not be charged for the advice that we have given you which is provided without any further obligation.

Negligence Law

Has a health care professional been negligent or not? This is the most crucial matter at issue when considering a medical negligence compensation claim against the Royal Childrens Hospital. In the absence of agreement between the parties this is something that a court of law must deal with. Negligence is established if the conduct at the hospital in question does not achieve the same standards that a reasonably competent hospital would achieve. Furthermore, failed treatment by the Royal Childrens Hospital does not always indicate negligence even though alternative treatment may have succeeded provided that the failed treatment was logical and was supported by a substantial body of medical opinion.

Limitation Period - Time Limits

All personal injury claims against the the Royal Childrens Hospital are subject to time limits called the limitation period. Generally speaking if a claim has not settled or if proceedings have not been issued in a court of law within the limitation period then the opportunity to claim compensation may have been lost forever except in the case of minors or the mentally disabled. This is the single most important reason why advice should be sought from a solicitor as soon as possible after the negligent act that caused the injury. Feel free to contact us – no charge & no obligation.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077