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Royal Hospital Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Solicitors

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

Whilst most people who receive treatment from the healthcare professionals at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney are entirely satisfied by the standard of care, there are times when things go wrong. If you have suffered personal injury as a result of inadequate treatment or inappropriate care our specialist clinical negligence solicitors will deal with a Royal Hospital medical negligence compensation claim on your behalf using the no win no fee scheme. If you would like free advice on whether or not you have a viable Royal Hospital medical negligence compensation claim just call our helpline or send the contact form or email our offices and a qualified solicitor will discuss the legal issues with you over the telephone and will advise on liability and the value of the claim there and then. To speak to a same sex lawyer please advise us upon the initial phone call. If after speaking to us you decide to progress no further against the Sydney Royal Hospital for Women, you are under no obligation to use our services and we will not charge for our advice.

Sydney Royal Hospital for Women & Negligent Treatment

The most important legal matter when considering Royal Hospital medical negligence compensation claims is the issue of whether or not the healthcare provider has been negligent. This is a matter for the law courts but in general terms the conduct of healthcare professionals working at the Royal Hospital for Women is compared to the standards achieved by other healthcare professionals in determining if a particular method of treatment is considered to be negligent. The mere fact that the chosen treatment fails whereas alternative treatment may have succeeded does not necessarily indicate negligence. If treatment is logical and is supported by a body of medical opinion it will not be determined as negligent even though it may fail.

New South Wales Time Limits & NSW Limitation

There are time limits in regards to Royal Hospital medical negligence compensation claims for personal injury. In general terms if a matter is not settled or if proceedings have not been issued in a court of law within the limitation period then the opportunity to claim compensation may have been lost forever. There are exceptions to the general rule for minors and the mentally disabled. Limitation matters can be complex legal issues and advice should always be sought from a solicitor or barrister.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077