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Western Hospital Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Solicitors

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077

Negligent Surgery Solicitors

Western Hospital in Victoria has a very good reputation for the care and treatment of patients however, as in all hospitals; there are times when things go wrong. Many people do not know their rights relating to a potential medical negligence compensation claim and simply let the matter pass without taking the time to find out if they may be entitled to claim damages for their personal injury caused by clinical negligence. If you are a former patient of Western Hospital and you believe that you may have suffered personal injury as a result of medical negligence please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice without obligation. Our specialist medical negligence solicitors operate the no win no fee scheme and are more than willing to advise you on liability and the anticipated value of your claim during the course of the initial call. If you would like to contact us just use the helpline or email our offices or send the online form on this page. If you wish to speak to a same sex lawyer please advise in early course during the initial phone call.

Negligence Law

In order to claim compensation for personal injury it is necessary to show that Western Hospital was negligent in their treatment or care. In the absence of agreement between the parties this is a matter that must be decided by a court of law. Negligence is determined by comparing the alleged negligent treatment by health care professionals at the Western Hospital with treatment offered by a reasonably competent hospital. The mere fact that treatment has failed does not always indicate negligence even when another alternative treatment may have succeeded provided that the failed treatment was logical and was supported by a substantial body of medical opinion.

Time Limits

Another crucial factor to consider regarding Western Hospital medical negligence compensation claims relates to time limits which are referred to as the limitation period. In general terms a compensations claim for medical negligence must be settled or proceedings must have been issued in a court of law within the limitation period failing which the ability to recover damages will have been lost forever subject to the exceptions for minors and the mentally disabled. It is advisable to take advice from a lawyer as soon as possible after the negligent event that caused personal injury in order not to run up against limitation.

HELPLINE: 1800 224 077